Liberty Youth Baseball and Softball

Baseball Leagues

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5-6 Tee-ball

T-Ball is an entry-level league to introduce players to the sport of baseball.  Players will develop their skill with a focus on the fundamentals of throwing, fielding and hitting.  Players will hit a RIF (Reduced Injury Factor) baseball from a height adjustable tee.

7-8 Coach Pitch

The Coach Pitch league is designed to continue to work on the fundamentals of throwing, fielding, and hitting as well as teamwork and sportsmanship.  Coaches pitch balls (hard balls) to their own players to develop their hand-eye coordination.

9-10 Live Arm

Live arm is an entry level competitive baseball league.  Kids in this league pitch to the opposing players.  A high level of commitment is expected at this level.


At this level the game is played at a more competitive level baseball and follow the rules closely. Players are allowed to lead-off and steal from all bases. Managers will now have the opportunity to execute the finer tactics of advanced baseball.


Dixie Boys is a competitive division.  By now the players should have an understanding of the rules of the game and acquired the skills and attitude necessary for a more competitive game of baseball. Emphasis is placed not only on individual skill development, but, also on team strategies. Players will adjust to stronger defenses, and more experienced pitchers and are motivated by their eagerness to play baseball.

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